Year of the Pig 2019 Welcome Plan


【Three Variables】Wishing for Luck for the Pig Year 2019 on the Beginning of Spring


Grand Master Jason Tan


【Three Variables】Wishing for Luck for the Year 2019 on the Beginning of Spring

Dear All: On 4rd February 2019 - the beginning of spring, from afternoon Beijing time 11:28:00 or Singapore time 11:58:00 onwards, please take this time to rest your mind, close your eyes and make a good wish for the upcoming Year of the Pig. The beginning of the spring for this year will be a year of fortune, spend this day with happiness, avoid getting angry and good luck will come around.

【I(Name:XXX)wish2019 Year of the Pig, let me receive Wealth,luck and happiness】

Grand Master Jason Tan
Three Variables Founder
Written on 11 Jan 2019, 11:11AM

Please reference this message and the website at with respect to Three Variables Founder, Grand Master Jason Tan.

3 Variables Theory using the combination of Color, Time and Direction to analysis from in depth and uncovers the secrets of life sciences. In doing so, he wants to teach everyone the use of 3 Variables to guide all along our journey of Life. Individuals interested in joining our 3 Variables Theory Talk and Seminars can directly contact: Email: Website: New: Three Variables Founder (Grand Master Jason Tan) wishes year of 2019,worldwide peace, health and happiness!

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