Three Variables Tenth Seminar



Peoples of different religions impressed with new multi-cultural approach in using natural science to improve their lives.

What do a newborn, a troubled teenager and a professional have in common? All are born with magnetic fields. For generations, men have been studying the laws of nature and Feng shui – but for the first time to meet the demand of the New Era; this lesson will explain the intricate connection of the three variables and life itself through the study of colour/Direction and Time.

Proving to be the key to enable you to command nature’s mystery, the book ‘THREE VARIABLES’ by Master Jason Tan, will teach individuals how to enhance their own magnetic field effects through a unique combination of Colour, Direction and Time.

The author, Master Jason Tan, is a Singaporean who has spent decades researching on natural science methodology and has also interpreted the theory. He has also assisted Singaporeans of different races (Chinese, Malay, Indian, Eurasian and Sikh) to adjust their personal magnetic fields to improve their life paths.

《 Three Variables Course 》Tenth Seminar


Get ready for a life changing experience in a rare personal coaching session with Master Jason Tan using “The Three Variables”.

Master Tan is conducting a full-day coaching based on The Three Variables with the following packages.

Package 1 (Inclusive 3variables Product)

1. The Three Variables Book - Chinese or English. (Cost at S$ 99.00)
2. Fixed Position through Colour & Magnetic Disk. (Cost at S$ 99.00)
3. Fixed Position through Colour & Compass Disk. (Cost at S$199.00)
4. Lucky Dates (for one year)by Master Jason Tan. (Cost at S$999.00)
5. Course materials.
* (Products are worth S$1,396.00 alone!)

Package 2 (Disciple Refresher Course - Not Inclusive 3 Variables Products)

1.Course materials
* (Free)

Course content:
1。Know the natures of science, and the legitimate natural law through “The Three Variables”.
2。The important cardinal points, and how to adjust to own advantage. (Including sleep and work)
3。How to utilizes own advantage time to handle the significant event, and avoids to the oneself disadvantageous time.
4。How to improves itself through colour, and strengthens own colour magnetic field. (Including own clothing and accessories)
5。How to utilize the wind-fall, the management of financial assets and the recognition of the possibilities and availability of fortune.
6。Explain “The Three Variables” on case study:  the success in Supreme Court case on appeal.
Utilize “The Three Variables” to avoid the worst-case scenario.

Time: The course start from morning 9:00am to 12:30pm, noon 1:30pm to 5:00pm.
Fee : Including breakfast, lunch and snack Inclusive all course materials.
Place: NUSS The Graduate Club - Suntec City Guild House
3 Temasek Boulevard (Tower 5) #02- 401/402 Suntec City Mall Singapore 038983
Tel: 67791811 Fax: 63367631 Website:


Date: 15 Dec 2019 (Sunday)

Remark: All members are entitled to 20% or more discounts for all products.(All products are activated by Master Jason Tan personally)

Download 3 Variables Course[PDF]

Master Jason Tan developed the 3 Variables Theory using the combination of Color, Time and Direction to analyze from in depth and uncover the secrets of Destiny. In doing so, he wants to teach everyone the use of 3 Variables to guide us along our journey of Life. Individuals interested in joining our 3 Variables Theory Talk and Seminars can directly contact at:

◆Interested please call Tel: 65-63417077◆
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Here’s wishing each and everyone Good Health and Happiness in Year 2019!

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