Officially Suggestions For Coronavirus Prevention


Grand Master Jason Tan Officially Suggestions For Coronavirus Prevention


Grand Master Jason Tan

【Three Variables】 Suggestions for Coronavirus Prevention

1. Wear more red, purple and pink clothing and accessories when going out. (Anti-disease Magnetic Field)
2. Use cinnabar to write the Chinese words "An Kang (Safe & Healthy)" on yellow paper and keep it with you or in your bag. (Psychological Reassurance)
3. Put a little sulfur in a red packet and keep it on your body to prevent virus invasion. (Detoxification and Disinfection)

Note:  Only 0.02g of sulfur is required, do not consume orally

The suggestions above are by Three Variables Founder Grandmaster Jason Tan, for everyone's reference on preventing coronavirus. Three Variables believes that "The best medical approach is preventative medicine. Positive energy ensures long-lasting health and well-being." Wishing everyone good health!

【Three Variables】 Photo Sample of Suggestions for Coronavirus Prevention


Sample of red, purple and pink clothing and accessories


Sample of Chinese words "An Kang (Safe & Healthy)" written on yellow paper


Sample of Putting a little sulfur in a red packet

Reference Material

Main Uses of Cinnabar

Cinnabar is a natural ore containing mercury sulfide. Because of its bright red color and irregular sandstone particles, it is called cinnabar. Its main effect is to calm and refresh the mind, soothe the eyes as well as to detoxify. It is generally used as a tranquilizer. Its ability to clear the ‘fire’ within the heart and calm the nerve makes it effective for treating symptoms such as restlessness, palpitations, insomnia, and to help sedate etc.
Main uses of Sulfur

Sulfur is a mineral, which has acidic, warm and toxic properties. It is effective when applied externally for killing insects and relieving itch. It can also help to prevent pests and is often processed into gel suspensions. It is safe for people and livestock and does not cause crop damage easily. Sulfur is a multipurpose medicament. In addition to its fungicidal and fungicidal effects, it can also kill mites and insects. It is used to control powdery mildew, leaf worms of various crops, and it can be used for mange, eczema, and itchy skin.

Grand Master Jason Tan
Three Variables Founder
Written on 8 Feb 2020, 12:00pm

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