Lucky Silver Coin


List:Lucky Coin/Gold Silver Series Size:Diameter: 40mm


Lucky Silver Coin’s

From the transformation of the beginning of the “Yi-Jing” in China thousands of years ago to the modern “Yi-Jing”, the “Yi-Jing” has been able to withstand the test of time, different dimensions of culture and nationalities. This also reflects the timeless wisdom and rich content which it possesses since time memorable. It is both enticing and even convincing and has helped to raise the quality of living for the human race. The significance and values of the modern “Yi-Jing” have surpassed any specific geographical nation, race, religion or culture. It is now a treasure for humanity, presenting itself in a form and method that amalgamates various races and cultures.




German Mathematician, Mr. Gottriend Wilhelm Von Leibniz was the first inventor of modern electronic calculator. Few have known that the idea and inspiration of the binary system 0 and 1 is from the ancient “Yi-Jing” which incorporates the “Taiji Eight configuration.” This helps to evolve the binary digit algorithms and establish the basic concept of symbolic logic. The evolution from Taiji Eight Configuration feature to sixty-four (64) hexagrams; from 0 to 63 whole integral numbers is featured in “Yi-Jing”, thus making “Yi-Jing” the lead of the books “The avenue of source”.


Lucky Coin’s exquisite design incorporates the doctrine of [New “Yi Jing”] "3 Variables", its purpose is the ingenious use of day (Time), geography (Direction) and people(Color), therefore the obverse has specially placed with "3 Variables" symbol which symbolizes the eight directions that is applicable to any place. It was arranged, at peripheral of the “3 Variables” symbol, a pattern that has an enormous impact on mankind, that is, the "Yi Jing” hexagrams which is identical to the human sixty-four in genome (DNA). In summary, there will be extraordinary magnetic fields in our lucky coins that can be reflected on people and things.


On the other side of the Lucky Coin are the renowned three small lucky coins. It symbolizes the continuous derivative of currency. The moral, the saying goes: one creates two, two creates three, and three creates abundance. In addition, the twelve Chinese characters on the three small lucky coins represent the wishes of twelve months: [Blessing], [Fortune], [Longevity], [Jubilee], [Wealth], [Treasure], [Abundant], [Prosperous], [Lucky], [Auspicious], [Safe], and [Health]. The special arrangement and selection of the words will bring you eternal lasting effect in realizing your dreams and wishes. Do not hesitate; let us work together to activate and share the magical power between the heaven and earth, to create a better and success for your life and career conditions. Also let the Lucky Coin promotes health, increases wealth and improves your happiness index.


Note: Master Jason Tan has dedicated more than 10 years in the study of “Yi-Jing”, managed to extract its fine essence to be used as the basis to further integrate with time tested “Yin Yang Wu Xin” (Five elements). The result of this and the combination of his abundant experience as well as the outcome of his predictions is the creation of a total new set of wisdom – “The Three Variables”.

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Minted and distributed by Sin Yi Investments Pte Ltd (Singapore)


Important Notice:


All the “Three Variables” products must be "purified" and "activated by Master Jason Tan personally in order to produce a positive effect on the magnetic field (Similar as to ignite the car with the right key). This is to avoid unscrupulous people from manufacturing fake products.


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