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                                      The Three Variables
The author - Master Jason Tan has spent decades in the study of fortune telling Feng Shui. He interpreted [Yi Jing] theory by using the natural science methodology, and developed Feng Shui products that have a direct impact on people based on the ancient [Yin Yang & Five Elements]. In addition, he studied fortune telling for major races, including Chinese, Malay, Indian, Eurasian, Sikh and etc., and assisted these individuals to adjust their personal magnetic fields, so as to create the effect of “inviting luck and avoiding danger”. The most commendable point is, although all races have different religious beliefs, they recognize the building bridge of [Origin’s Laws of Nature – Time and Direction]. Regardless of race and religion, [Origin’s Laws of Nature – Time and Direction] is embodied in all people and matters, thereby benefiting the country and the society. This is the greatest motivation that inspired the author to compile the book.


In light of his insight and experience of Feng Shui calculation, the author further deduced a set of brand new “Three Variables”. This set of “Three Variables” refers intrinsically to the secret of heaven and earth, and is all-embracing. The author has selflessly disclosed the true meaning of fortune telling Feng Shui, deciphered the profound code in simple words, and teaches the reader how to use the “Three Variables” to adjust their future path of life. The set of methods can indeed assist the human world to understand the relationship between Mother Nature and fortune telling Feng Shui. It further develops and fuses the point of contact between the two realms, enabling deeper understanding regarding the subject.


At present, the author is proactively engaged in exchanges and discussions with other international Yi Jing Studies experts. Together they will explore the secret of Mother Nature, and pursue additional development of useful fortune telling Feng Shui books and products to share with readers. In that respect, those would be presented in the second edition of this book.


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Qiu Cheng Guang
Vice Chairman, International Calligrapher Association
Director-general, International Calligraphy League
Consultant, International Inscription League



The art of fortunetelling and prophecy of China is derived from a distant tradition. The primitive had to confront the mysterious and unpredictable nature, as well as to participate in cruel and fierce competition for survival. Other than relying on the belief of existing deities, certain tribal leaders or sages at that time also tried to conclude a set of learning that could predict the rise and fall, birth and death of heaven and earth, community and individual, from the sign, revelation, experience etc. of certain matters. It served to invite auspice and avoid misfortune, improve response capability and enhance confidence, as well as to make preparation in advance to face future challenge.


The earliest written record about divination can be traced to the record about divination on the oracular bones that were left behind three thousand years ago. Since the learning has been inherited from generation to generation and has survived the ages, there must be certain reason and scientific basis in it. Fate is a personal matter of top priority! Upon knowing the fate, we must know how to reconcile possible trouble in future. We can only yield twice the result with half the effort after getting through the obstacle.


Of course, there are many ways to get through these future obstacles. In the past, many sages have discovered or collected many methods. However, as social environment and human life advanced and developed, many former theories are outdated. Therefore, we are in great need of a set of methods that is compliant with the actual need of modern society to serve the present age. Consequently, Master Chen Guangyi devoted many years in research and developed the timely insight of “three variables”!

According to Master Chen’s theory, we can perform appropriate combination of space-time and magnetic field among direction, time and colour, and look for a point of balance that Yin Yang five elements create and control. Then, we can transform ourselves by enhancing our own magnetic field effect, and increase our own energy in various aspects.


This book is a key that leads to the secret between heaven and human, enabling us to master the path to advance and retreat. Through this book, we can expand our own energy, follow the tendency to advance, or battle against the current. We can proactively unleash more room for ourselves, achieve a new height in our own path of life, realize our dream, and contribute to the nation and society.

How can you miss such a “sacred book” the enables you to command the nature’s mystery and enlightens you the approach to success? I hereby write this preface!


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Hon. Secretary Ceylon Sports Club
Former Assistant Controller of Immigration
Former Ag Deputy Superintendent of Police



Master Tan’s sacrifices over the last ten years have produced a very excellent book on Feng Shui which explains the cause and effect of colour in the life of an individual. Your ability to read the intricacies of one’s life from the time of birth to your present and future and come to the right conclusion on the colours that are favorable to you and those that are not has brought a new dimension to Feng Shui reading. Many of us who have benefited from your reading and detailed advice will always bear testimony to the influence of colour in our lives. Your directions and right advice on the path to take and how one can avoid or reduce the effects of the unfavourable factors in our lives is a credit to your in-depth knowledge of this subject. I am sure that many more will benefit from the reading of this book and consultation.

I will always be grateful to you for the advice given and wish you all success in all your endeavours.


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Jasmail Singh & Gurdip Kaur
Jas–Veen Trading


Feng Shui originated in China over 4000 years ago and its practice has a long history throughout the east. It is an art of creating harmony in living spaces with the use of mirrors, crystals, helixes and tons more; the list keeps going on & on.

Feng Shui is a reverent system that provides practical advice about how to connect to the energies of the universe. It attempts to dissolve the barriers between the everyday and the sacred. Feng Shui is a tool that allows us to become a conscious part of cosmos, making it possible to grow beyond ourselves and re-establish harmony into our lives. Principles of Feng Shui tell us that good fortune means living a sacred life. Wholeness is rooted in nature, a nature that unifies human beings with the earth and the universe. To experience well-being or wholeness, human beings have always tried to be close to nature by surrounding themselves with Feng Shui.

According to Feng Shui belief, we can either be fatalistic or accept our fate or we can take the path of life into our own hands and make changes. We can take actions that influence the harmony around us and thereby positively influence and improve our lives.
Similar ideas have also existed in other parts of the world at one time or another. The notion that the “sprit” or atmosphere of a place has an effect on your well-being is widely accepted, but in Feng Shui, it has developed into a complex and integrated system of theory and practice embracing almost every aspect of people’s life.

This book, “Fixed Position Through Color/Direction/Time” will inform you about the concave mirror which is widely known as the “Octagon Mirror”, the compass, the Tai - Ji rotation, the earth rotation and lots more. This book will answer all your questions up to the smallest detail. Overall, it is an eye opener and gets my thumbs up!


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Peer Mohamed
Retired Staff Sergeant (Volunteer Special Constabulary)
Former Lecturer (Police Procedures, Law and Order)
Technical Consultant (Home Appliances)



Master Jason in his Book looks at how colours and directions influence an individual’s life, how both will enable one to benefit from nature’s abundance and avoid pitfalls that may be in his or her path. Similarly for the Muslims, colours and directions have been and continue to be an integral part and parcel of their lives.
For the Muslims, green is considered heavenly, white purity and yellow royalty and henceforth. Directions also play an important part in Islam as one has to face the direction of the Holy Kaaba in Mecca when one prays.

Following the advice of Master Jason, I have witnessed many positive changes in my life after making the necessary changes in the colours I should wear and the directions I should take.

I appreciate deeply the advice given by him and look forward to a continuous positive future with his guidance.


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Patrick Lambe
Straits Knowledge
Redefining Corporate Knowledge



The common understanding of Feng Shui is that it is about the art of placement, and is used primarily in the arrangement and disposition of homes, offices and even land. From a traditional point of view it is described as divination, which is sometimes greeted with scepticism in the West - but there is a parallel in management and in complexity science in the idea of "sensemaking". Feng Shui is simply one of the ancient forms of sensemaking where humans try to interpret their environment and make good decisions about what they should do.

After years of intensive study and calculation, Master Jason in this book has taken the innovative step of releasing Feng Shui from the narrow scope of homes and buildings, and applying it to the space-time continuum, so that position, direction, time, and energy can be interpreted for anyone, wherever they are.

The core of this idea is in the expanded use of colour to express the different kinds of energy that need to be in balance, and in how colour interacts with direction and time to create balance or imbalance for a person at any given place and time. This is a complex and methodical system of calculations and Master Jason has worked hard to make it reliable, robust and systematic, not subject to the individual judgment and intuition of the interpreter. I am particularly impressed by Master Jason's openness in placing this new approach into the public domain through this book, and by his open, multi-cultural approach. I welcome this book.


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