F/P Through C/D Concave Disk - Circle Shape

L:S$499 M:S$299 S:S$199

List:F/P Through Colour/Direction Size:L:41.5cm M:22cm S:11cm


Fixed Position through Colour/Direction Concave Mirror Disk – Circle Shape


Circle Positioning according to Colour:

East: Green, South-East: Apple Green, South: Red, South-West: Light Brown, West: White, North-West: Silver, North: Black, North-East: Dark Brown.


Central to the above is a Yellow Circle and a concave mirror is placed onto the centre of this Yellow Circle. Extending from the Yellow Circle, there are 8 straight yellow Boundary lines.


Components - The product includes specially treated concave mirror, developed, sifted and determined through scientific apparatus testing. The positions of nine colours are fixed in eight directions, and yellow occupies the centre.


Functions   -  Concave mirror has the power to “gather”. In certain direction, in case of Earth Air leakage or exceeding remoteness of auspicious object from residence, they can be gathered by using concave mirror. This product mainly absorbs colours from all directions with concave mirror, and reflects to coordinate colours and balance the entire environment. For instance, when there is too much red in the house, it coordinates to balance automatically. If this product is hung in household or business premise, it helps you avoid the disasters of financial loss, smoothens your path to wealth, generates and gathers fortune. You will be assisted by benefactors from all directions, and kept away from malfactors. Both of your person and wealth flourish, placing your family or company in the environment of constant peace, prosperity and happiness.





Important Notice:

All the “Three Variables” products must be "purified" and "activated by Master Jason Tan personally in order to produce a positive effect on the magnetic field (Similar as to ignite the car with the right key). This is to avoid unscrupulous people from manufacturing fake products.




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