F/P Through C/D Compass Disk - Octagon Shape

L:S$499 M:S$299 S:S$199

List:F/P Through Colour/Direction Size:L:41.5cm M:22cm S:11cm


Fixed Position through Colour/Direction Compass Disk – Octagon Shape


The positioning according to Colour is as follows:

East: Green, South-East: Apple Green, South: Red, South-West: Light Brown, West: White, North-West: Silver, North: Black, North-East: Dark Brown.


Central to the above is a Yellow Octagon and a Compass is placed onto the centre of this Yellow Octagon. Extending from the Yellow Octagon, there are 8 straight yellow Boundary lines.


Components - The product includes compass and specially treated wooden material,

developed, sifted and determined through scientific apparatus testing. The positions of nine are fixed in eight directions, and yellow occupies the centre.


Functions  -  The main function is that, when a person lacks certain colours, the person can absorb the energy of that colour by sitting in the corresponding direction. For instance, in case of lack of red, the red position is to be sit, to absorb red energy for balance. When you are in good luck, it amplifies your glory. When your luck is down, it can remove all obstacles and resolve all disasters. In this way, you can get away with the ordeal safely, and further avoid all malignant ordeals arising from personal, incidental, physical, geographical, Feng Shui factors, so that everything is auspicious and prosperous in household or office, so as to achieve the effect of attracting good luck and keeping away bad luck.





Important Notice:

All the “Three Variables” products must be "purified" and "activated by Master Jason Tan personally in order to produce a positive effect on the magnetic field (Similar as to ignite the car with the right key). This is to avoid unscrupulous people from manufacturing fake products.




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