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【Three Variables】interpretation of the science of life states that everything in the universe is not constant

“3” refers to the three elements of Time, Direction and Colour; the “Variables” is the core of the Wisdom and refers to the limitless combination and permutation of the 3 elements; it also includes the system of “YIN YANG WU XIN” (Five elements). Anyone in the world can enhance their magnetic field by fine tuning the elements of Time, Direction and Colour to create the most favorable conditions for entering the most favorable magnetic field in order to be able to improve their life trajectory to the maximum extent possible. This helps to create better future.

Every event has a fixed date, along with a fixed timing for myriad things; there is a time for birth, death, seeking, letting go, maintaining, giving up, tearing apart, patching back, solemnity, speaking up, love, hatred, war and peace. It is difficult to know how to identify the most appropriate time to choose to give or take and whether to advance or retreat, as well as mastering the ways of life planning and a favorable environment around you.

The world, along with the countries, humanities, events, materials, humans, matters and things are ever changing and inseparable from the “change”, i.e. variables. The “variables” is the vitality in finding a way unexpectedly and it also explains the natural phenomena of the life"s in the universe. To everybody’s knowledge, “variables” allows the exchange between life and deaths, gives abundance of brightness in life and various chances. It also helps broaden more space for life development and re-ignites infinite hope despite many sufferings and obstacles.

Master Jason Tan, a Singaporean, in the past 20 years, has been engaged in the study of natural science and the culture of Yi culture. He has studied ancient Chinese literature, health, Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism, and ancient and modern Chinese and Western famous books and Yi Jing. He has also successfully explained the Yi Jing theory with natural science. With his personal experiences and attainment, he has concluded the theory of Three Variables and further developed in the natural science with new Yi Jing through his bold practice in the long-term usage of the ancient Yin Yang and the five elements of natural science. This also include the environmental planning (Law of Nature) and life planning (Genetic DNA) theory. The secret connotations were unselfishly published by Master Jason Tan as he explained and decoded the sciences of nature in simpler terms. This can benefit people from different beliefs, ethnic groups, regions of the world and new multi-cultural generations through its application for lifestyle improvements.

In addition completing our lives with the【Three Variables】, it also helps in broadening more space for life development and re-ignites infinite hope in those with many sufferings and obstacles in their lives. Therefore, it contains boundless hope and vitality and is a bridge in the human culture with no race or regional division. This can be reflected and verified in each person and situation and contribute to the benefit of the national society, which is the greatest wish of the founder of the【Three Variables】, Master Jason Tan.

Three variables has successful planned for 55 different countries, ethnic and religious people as reflected from Year 2006-2016.

"Yi" changes, are the laws of nature.