9 Energized Gemstones Ring (Octagon/Gold)


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9 Energized Gemstones Limited Edition - 9 Energized Gemstones Ring (Octagon/Gold)











The feature and advantage of unique 9 energized gemstones.



Emerald - hardness 8

Elimination of eye fatigue and chest tightness, will help ease the pain and suffering, Like a reliable family Doctor. Offering a spiritual peace of mind.


Cat Eye - hardness 8.5
Promote regeneration capacity, enhance self-confidence, and to protect health and longevity and increase the inspiration. Represent a symbol of good luck.


Ruby - hardness 9
Eliminate evil spirits, avoid vascular occlusion, activate blood circulation, strengthen survival instinct and energy to stimulate the vitality and vigor.


Yellow Sapphire - hardness 9
Improve the status of depression and insomnia, overcome the opponents of the contestant, and stimulate both personal charm and spirituality, having positive effects on healing.



Hessonite - hardness 7.5
Prevention of disease anxiety, help purify the blood to enhance the magnetic field. Strengthen and embolden the warrior-like super energy.


Diamond - hardness 10
Confront with the examination, trial, or duel, will help resolve the impact, resulting in confidence and perseverance to overcome difficulties and achieve victory.


Pearl - hardnes 4.5
Help to restore calm in the face of emotional anxiety and tension, promotion of healthy growth. It is a beauty and health tonic.


Blue Sapphire - hardness 9
A barrier to the evil and illness. Broaden vision and promote the consciousness of artistic graces and keep mental peacefulness.


Coral - Hardness 4
Alleviate physical illness. The best guardian of energy stone for all maritime activities. A symbol of prosperity and happiness.


Unique 9 energized gemstones is defined as [an element unable to vision by human eyes, but will bring fore to help the people physical and spiritual energy].

More and more people begin to discover that the minerals and precious stones do possess kind of invisible energy. They love and accept them. "Nine treasures” energized gemstone based on "variable" principle, the ingenious idea of creation, it is flexible to use and can improve the plight of the human, ease the bodily pain gradually, restore the spiritual balance and enhance personal magnetic energy. Life is full of hopes and dreams.


Pendant and ring of unique 9 energized gemstones. It is a representative of the symbol of eternity and inexhaustible supply of energy!

















                         Unique 9 Energized Gemstones Pendant and Ring


         【001-010 Special Limited Edition Price of S $10,000


            【 011-100 Limited Edition Price of $ 5,000




Important Notice:


All the “Three Variables” products must be "purified" and "activated by Master Jason Tan personally in order to produce a positive effect on the magnetic field (Similar as to ignite the car with the right key). This is to avoid unscrupulous people from manufacturing fake products.


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